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Hyland’s Class Action lawsuit could get you a refund

Hyland's Class Action LawsuitHyland’s class action lawsuit underway, registrations for refunds on ineffective or defective products open until June 28th, 2017. Click that or read on.

I received this notice in the mail last week. I have no dog in this game other than having chucked all of my Hyland’s products due to the deadly nightshade issue from a while back.

It wasn’t a great loss. As far as I could tell nothing actually worked better than grape juice. However, I’m here to inform. not bash.

TL;DR sign up for Hyland’s Class Action lawsuit to get a refund

TL;DR there’s a website You have until June 28th, 2017 to file to be a member of the class. Should you be a member of this suit you waive all rights to suing on your own. If your kid had nightshade poisoning, do not join this lawsuit.

Hyland's Class Action Lawsuit

The Forcellati group appears to have been going after Hylands Inc for a while. I see references to them suing for false advertising against Hylands in 2014 (for claiming that it’s cold medicine and not flavored water.) They settled for nearly $3 million. Forcellati gets things done evidently.

I saw a reference to them in 2012 suing Hyland’s. Unfortunately I needed a subscription to a legal site to see that one.

Hyland's Class Action Lawsuit

Having chucked everything of Hyland’s products we owned and not keeping receipts around for years, I’m entitled to refunds for two of the products we tossed. I’m only theoretically down for one product.

If you’ve desired a refund, the class action suit registration is underway and you have a month or two left to register. Registering took me 20 seconds due to autofill. Getting a claim in took a little longer as I had to go through 6000 photos and find what all I knew I’d purchased.

In conclusion you should head over to the class action registration, tell a buddy, bring a friend.

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