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So just how many phone calls do you get from Lending Tree?

I wrote recently about my phone exploding right after putting my info into Lending Tree for a rate quote. Figured I’d break down the numbers now. I also feel i should point out I don’t think Lending Tree ever called me, more like how many calls I got due to signing up for their service but damn that’s a long headline.

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I’ve had the same cell phone number since March 2000. For the last seven years (keeping Track since the EVO 4G,) I’ve averaged 0.2 calls a day from unknown numbers or spammers. That’s about one every week. Phone spammers were not a thing I had any issue with being on the do not call registry and not signing up for stupid stuff. Most unknown numbers previously were finger flubs.

Let’s see, since December 12th (Today is March 13th, 2017, 90 days/3months,) my phone is showing 253 calls. This includes from what I can tell the lenders that got my info through Lending Tree, and a sharp uptick of spam callers. From lenders I have received 42 voicemails. Google voice has since blocked 22 spam voicemails/calls.

I did not answer all of these, I was dealing with a whole lot of things at this point. Seriously, this timeframe has a fire, appendectomy, sick kids, sick wife, sick me, issues with work, burglary, robbery, Christmas, you name it, it’s been there. Most of the companies I did return a call and tell them what my terms were and see if they could match.

I’ve additionally been texted by three different companies who really wanted to talk while I was on the phone with another company or god forbid working.

Earliest calls were 7am, latest calls were 10:30pm.

While I have managed to talk to most lenders, I did have one bank that phone tag was the name of the game. I gave up attempting to get them after leaving a message saying I’d found another lender. They called 14 times attempting to reach me it looks like.

253 calls from unknown numbers, minus the lender I chose, 22 spammers blocked, 42 voicemails, 14 texts. So about 3.7 contacts a day, every day, starting on month four now.

Overall, due to the mass influx of calls and offers I managed to save about 3/4ths of a point on interest rates over what I was offered initially. Got a 3.75% 15 year with no closing costs* (*charged by the lender, oh no, there’s no way you’re not paying something somewhere,) and if I did the maths right will be saving a few thousand yearly.

I theoretically saved $13,597.50 in interest by getting that extra .75 interest rate drop, and saved about $3000 in closing costs.

I really wish I’d set up a Google Voice number that I could discontinue, but they’re starting to die down now finally. Maybe Lending Tree needs a “STOP CALLING ME” button…

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.