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Help keep your kid’s tablet unshattered with Digit Grip

Digit GripThe idea behind the Digit Grip is that it’s simply a little unobtrusive removable grip that you place on the back of your tablet, phone, phablet, or pretty much anywhere you want an easy grip. Want the grip? Slap it on. Don’t want it? Rip it off.

If you’ve ever had a little one and a tablet you know that gravity strikes the tiny ones significantly harder than the rest of us, and if you don’t have that thing armored up you’re tablet is now Mr Shards.

It’s also pretty hard for smaller hands to handle a larger tablet without a grip of some sort so you get to hearing thunks and “oh no!” a lot.

It’s not aimed at kids however, if you’ve ever had to to one-hand a tablet as part of any chore, you’ll know how that death grip you maintain on the thing gets to you after a while.

The Digit Grip is a foam rubber set of brass knuckles basically that attach to a Velcro backing that you place wherever you want it on your device. You can custom cut the backing if you know exactly where you want it to minimize the Velcro area. The Velcro backing they ship with this is probably enough for two placements if you slice it right.

The Velcro backing needs a clean non-porous surface to attach to, so break out the alcohol and cotton balls and when you’ve finished playing a drunk bunny clean the surface of the area that you’re going to adhere it to.

Digit Grip reviewDigit Grip reviewDigit Grip reviewDigit Grip review

I will point out that the case I’ve got this velcro attached to is a nearly non-stick kid-resistant case, but considering you can get Velcro for cheap I’m going for the added toddler protection and willing to risk it peeling off in a few weeks rather than trying to replace the old iPad2.

Digit Grip reviewA downside of this product is that you do have a piece of soft Velcro on the back of your device. This can mess with the aesthetic, however it doesn’t interfere with a magnetic compass like some ring holders do, it can be placed anywhere it can stick unlike some strap solutions, it can be mostly removed in seconds, you can reposition or replace the attachment for under $5 for a sheet of Velcro, and there’s very little that can catch a pocket.

If you’re absolutely sure you want a grip in one place forever and ever you can either glue it there, or grab one of the no-velcro ones that they sell on their website.

I caught the Digit Grip folks at CES this year and they demonstrated how if you’ve got a backing already on and are on the town you can use a little stick on pocket wallet to carry ID and credit cards while you’re about (you can see that demoed in my video,) but it doesn’t appear they currently have those for sale as an add-on. Hopefully soon though.

Overall, it’s not particularly revolutionary, but it does provide a nice solution for me to keeping my daughter from dropping the tablet when we’re on long road trips. I could easily get by with one, but with a kiddo I’m going for additional protection. Assuming you’ve got the velcro stuck on and a clean surface you can rip these off and replace them as much as Velcro will allow.

You can grab the Velcro version of the Digit Grip you see me playing with here at Amazon, or the non-velcro one stick version is available on their website.

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