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Family outing to Ice at Opryland

I actually didn’t get too many pictures during the Ice at Opryland visit. Well, not of the actual exhibit. I have before and after, during was actually kind of magical as we found something the threenager and the one year old both really liked.

Ice at Opryland

I was also holding a three pound blanket around a two pound parka over a twenty something pound baby in seven degree temperatures while wearing a six pound parka over all of my winter garb. Pretty sure my phone was at least three layers of clothing away from me.

I didn’t know if Maggie had seen Rudolph before, but evidently she knew some of it at least. She screamed “wow, look at that!” at least seven times that I counted. Lines were not particularly bad… the only thing we had to wait on was a short video where they explained to not lick the ice and gave a few bits of information I promptly forgot because I had a threenager running around.

Ice slides were a hit with Maggie who went on them I’m guessing eleven times. They were a little less steep than I remember them being, and a lot slower. Not sure if we came on a bad ice day or my memory was faded.

For the adults they’ve got an ice bar right at the front. We didn’t partake of anything, but it did amuse me that right next to childhood memories carved in ice was hard alcohol. I mean had it been ice sculptures of Frozen I could understand 😉

The end of the Ice at Opryland exhibit was an ice nativity scene. My belief is there’s probably no way to capture it with a consumer grade camera but that didn’t stop people from trying. Backlit baby Jesus screws with your light sensors.

The end of Ice (after the exhibits,) was unfortunately an exit through the gift shop. We managed to make a deal with the 3yo that instead of $50 worth of plush we’d get her the insanely expensive $2.17 pack of gummies that I believe were Rudolph noses.

Ice at Opryland

Outside, after being in seven degrees for about an hour it felt almost spring like even though I believe it was twenty eight degrees. The sky was absurd – my camera didn’t pull a trick, that’s what it looked like.

Ice at OprylandThe whole trip to ice and back was probably an hour and a half. Kim had gotten some discount tickets so I think the tickets ended up being $24 for two adults (the wee ones were free ones at this age,) and with the gummies and gas it was a fun night out for under $30.

Bring a stroller. We didn’t because my car was pre-warmed up and I did not want to get into a cold car and forgot we needed to transfer over baby moving equipment.

We went at 3:30 on Wednesday the 15th, seemed to manage to miss the absurd traffic.

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