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Ripped 100% from my other gig as I’m working today and far far too tired for writing.

Vague introduction referencing holidays, attempts to assure the reader I’m just like them, difficulties in choosing gift for someone used as bonding statement, wrap up with suggestions about disappointment to add guilt purchase push. Yup, that sums up what I’ve read the past couple of days.

Or I could say here’s a bunch of stuff I like and if you know someone like me there’s a pretty good chance they’ll like it as well. I’ll point out anything you click here probably makes either me or the site some money so if you want to get the product but don’t want to credit the site/reviewer, go and search for them yourself or remove anything to the right of the word “ref” in the Amazon URL and you are probably golden.

I’ll admit, I don’t know if clicking the link, then removing the tracking will get around it with how Amazon tracks their landing so there you go.

Nixplay Edge, Iris, and Seed

Nixplay Edge

They make some products that aren’t the Edge, Iris, or Seed (which I’ve reviewed each of,) but I have not had a chance to full time use one.

Get your Nixplay fix today on Amazon

Ditto personal notifier

Ditto in box

I like knowing I got an email, and I like knowing I got a text, but only one is going to take me away from talking with whoever I’m talking with, and it’s just nice not sounding like an arcade as a million notifications come in.

Got it for free at CES 2016 and have been using it since February. Gone through one battery thus far.

Read about it here, or get it on Amazon here

Nomad Bi-Fold charging wallet

While I don’t actually charge a whole lot off of the wallet, it’s a great wallet. Also been in use since day one and other than some normal wear and tear it’s been great.

Read about it here. Their web site has some discounts on their wallets until Monday, or hit Amazon.

The Lumsing Smart scale

Lumsing smart scale

There’s a 15% off code of LUMSCALE you can use at checkout on Amazon.

Seriously though – good product, giving this as a gift can be taken entirely the wrong way however.

The mBot Ranger, or any mBot

mbot chicken

mBot Ranger, any mBot




The Pakpod portable tripod

Pakpod portable tripod

Grab it at Amazon

A Nest Learning Thermostat


It shutting off or going into away mode while I am in fact away has probably paid for itself in the past six months however.

It’s good, you should get one just for your wallet. Be aware though that in older homes, such as mine, where all the cables are brown and gray and wired otherwise incorrectly, it may require a visit from an AC tech (which is what mine required.) So factor that in as you might just be able to get it installed while they are out for a cleaning.

It’s also incredibly nice if the bedroom is too hot or cold I can reach over, grab my phone, and tell the Nest to turn the thermostat in a different direction or to start the fan.

Grab one at Amazon

Don’t get them anything

That’s always an option. Ask if they actually want something. They could be drowning in tech gadgets, kids toys, inlaws possessions who are stuck living with them, etc. Seriously, if they don’r want anything skip it and save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out what they want and save them the hassle of trying to find a space to store what you got them.

My lawn, get off it.

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