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Amazon to refund estimated $86 million of kid purchases

Amazon Fire Kids EditionIf you’ve experienced a charge from Amazon where your kid purchased $99 worth of gems to spend in some game, or even $0.99 for a bejeweled leash, chances are this is the news you’ve been waiting for.

The FTC has sued and successfully won a case against Amazon for making it far too easy for kids to rack up charges on their parent’s credit cards in some games.

Since the case started Amazon has taken steps to prevent unauthorized kid purchases and has been reimbursing parents who have complained, many parents haven’t noticed that there have been charges however, and Amazon will start a year-long reimbursement process early next year by alerting parents of whether they are eligible or not for refunds on purchases.

Apple and Alphabet already have similarly had to refund $51 million collectively for accidental adolescent purchases. Amazon is just the latest A company to come to the table.

Sadly there’s no refunds available for when you’re about five beers in and decide to blow your Google Play balance on Tap My Katamari.

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