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Top 10 Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix

Today’s guest post comes from Adam Ferraresi of wefollowtech.

Top 10 Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix

If you’re looking for some quality, child-friendly educational kid’s shows for your little one to enjoy on Saturday mornings, you might want to check out what Netflix has got to offer. There are a lot of fantastic shows for both preschoolers and older kids, as well as new ones that are constantly being released, so rest assured you won’t run out of shows anytime soon.

So if your child is bored of constantly watching reruns of the same shows on regular TV and wants to watch something new, there might be a few titles on this list that they might enjoy. We’ve broken down the shows into three age groups so you can easily choose the perfect show for your kid.

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix

Ages 2-4

If your children are really little, you’re going to want to choose a show that’s easy to grasp, doesn’t include a lot of violence and has some educational value to teach the kids some valuable life lessons. Here are some great shows for your youngest ones:

Care Bears & Cousins

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix The latest edition to the Care Bears franchise, “Care Bears & Cousins” brings us four new whimsical characters and a lot of family-friendly fun, that you’re probably already familiar with if you’ve seen any Care Bears shows in the past. It’s simple enough so that even your youngest can understand what’s going on, and the animation has really been polished up to meet today’s standards. Definitely a great show to teach your kids about friendship, caring and other important values.

Ask The Storybots

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix Based on the “Storybots” learning program, this is an educational and charming show that’s fun for both children and parents to watch. Every episode’s concept revolves around the Storybots unraveling the answer to some big question, and incorporates fun elements for kids such as letter rhyming, music videos, songs etc. If Netflix isn’t available in your country yet, just use a VPN to change your IP and you’re good to go.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix Based on Norman Bridwell’s book of the same name, Clifford the Big Red Dog is a story about Emily Elizabeth, her friends and her dog Clifford, that just happens to be larger than most houses in town.

The show is full of educational, positive lessons for your kids and characters that they can really relate to on both a social and emotional level. The show’s been around for some time (first airing back in 2000) and already a generation of kids swear by this show at one of their fondest memories when they were growing up.

Ages 4-7

As your kids grow you’ll find that certain shows may become a bit too “watered down” and simplified for their tastes, and that they need something with a more intellectually stimulating plot to keep their ever-developing minds occupied. For kids aged 4 to 7, try some of these:

Beat Bugs

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix As the name suggests, this show is about insects, five of them in total: Jay, Kumi, Crick, Buzz and Walter. These characters explore a mysterious microscopic world in search of adventure and must use their collective wits to solve some new problem in every episode. The show uses classic songs from the likes of bands such as the Beatles (Beatles, bugs, get it?) to help tell the story and teach the kids a new unique lesson every time, and as a bonus they’ll develop a liking for rock’n’roll, which is always great.

Goldie & Bear

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix Obviously based on the well-known fairy tale of Goldilocks and the three bears, this show follows Goldie and her friend Bear that become good friends after a certain incident involving porridge.

Goldie and Bear’s adventures take place in the Fairy Tale Forest, where they meet up with various well-known fairy tale characters such as Jack and Jill and the Three Little Pigs.

VeggieTales In The House

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix While the VeggieTales franchise has been around for more than twenty years, this is a relatively new show that premiered on Netflix only two years ago. VeggieTales In The House is up to its third season now, and features whimsical characters such as Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber that your kids will love. The main theme of the show are the characters’ moral dilemmas which usually lead them to make the wrong choice, thereby complicating the situation for both themselves and everyone around them until their finally learn their lesson. Old fans of VeggieTales will love this new installment, and even if it’s your kids’ first encounter with the characters, we’re sure they’ll learn to like it as well.

Angry Birds Toons

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix Based on the popular mobile phone game Angry Birds, this series of cartoons is about an ongoing rivalry between the birds and their nemeses the pigs, that constantly attempt to steal their eggs. The show is nonverbal and features classic slapstick elements such as falling, slingshot flinging etc. (done with taste in accordance with the kids’ age, of course) that’s proven to make both kids and adults laugh, so you might even enjoy watching it together with your little ones.

Ages 7-10

There’s a reason why kids go to school at around six or seven years old. Their minds are flourishing at this point and developing rapidly, and thus they’ll probably be outgrowing a lot of shows that they might have really enjoyed before. Worry not, as there still a lot of phenomenal shows for their age group. Here are some of them:

The Animaniacs

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix Most 90’s kids will fondly remember this show as one of the funniest things they’ve ever seen on TV, and fortunately Netflix has brought it back, so now you can watch it online. Featuring outrageous non-stop comedy with a true slapstick feel, frequent musical numbers and numerous pop-culture references, this cartoon is fun for the whole family. If you want a show that both you and your kid will wholeheartedly enjoy and laugh your lungs out at together, The Animaniacs is for you.

Glitter Force

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix Reminiscent of the classic anime Sailor Moon, this show is about five female warriors with a quest to save the world from a myriad of bad guys and evildoers. The main character is Emily, a teenage girl that meets and befriends a pixie named Candy and therefore becomes Glitter Lucky, the leader and champion of the legendary Glitter Force.

She and her new friends are now charged with protecting the fairy-tale realm of Jubiland from evil, and will stop at nothing to accomplish just that.

This show features strong female role models, and teaches kids that girls can be just as tough as their male counterparts.

Top Ten Kids Shows to Watch on Netflix H2O: Mermaid Adventures

The story of three unsuspecting girls whose trip to a mysterious island changes them into mermaids and bestows upon them the ability to control water and communicate with the creatures of the ocean.

The show conveys strong messages about friendship and self-esteem that both you and your kids will surely appreciate, and they’re wrapped in an intriguing and colorful story that’s bound to spark your children’s imagination.


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