Kinsa Sesame Street Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer review

Kinsa Sesame Street Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer

Using an HTC 10 I had no issues finding the device, using the app, or any communication between the two. I was able to do all pairing, while fending off a wild baby and a three and a half year old, so that should give you an idea of how easy this is on a phone that supports it.

My initial reading said LOW, which is probably because I had the cap on it and was fighting a baby for control of my smartphone, but once I got the cap off I was at my usual 98ish. We measured all the family, set up profiles for each, and then verified with a temporal thermometer I’d picked up at Costco and all things were otherwise within 0.2 degrees F at all measurements.

Kinsa Sesame Street Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer

Maggie had a blast when I cranked the volume and it giggled in Elmo’s voice. I finally had to take the app away as it was on my phone and someone was calling. This leads to the useful point of you don’t have to have a smartphone/device handy to use this. It works fine as an in-ear thermometer with no device behind it.

Kinsa Sesame Street Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer

Having the app in play lets you keep up with who had what temperature at what time though, so for families above two or three little members or for those who sleep in shifts and don’t want to wake the spouse to find what the temps were, it’s useful.

The app has a lot of guidance supposedly if your little one is ill, however during the testing period no little ones got ill, but I sure did. Unfortunately when my fever hit 103 I was not particularly thinking that I should test out the app portion for recommendations, I was more thinking along the lines of I should be feeling hot with three blankets on me but I wasn’t.

Kinsa Sesame Street Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer

I am fairly certain I did a temporal and an ear with the Kinsa Sesame Street Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer, thought “yup, that’s right,” and then promptly passed out from 10am-5pm.

Make sure you look at the device compatibility before purchasing so you get the whole experience. Older iPhones and Androids are not listed, and the lack of a complex pairing dance with the thermometer makes me believe it’s a Bluetooth Smart or BTLE device, which have only relatively recently started being supported by phone manufacturers.

You can grab a Kinsa Sesame Street Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer at Amazon

4.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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