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Edwin the Duck Bluetooth Bath Buddy initial review

Edwin the DuckEdwin the Duck is what I call a moving target review. This is because as the software advances this review will quickly become out of date. As such this is a review that was valid in my experience as of 10.15.2016.

Edwin is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with some sensors, connected apps, and works on Android and most iOS devices (not on my iPad 2 I’m afraid.)

On iOS the apps can tell you if the water is getting too hot, but that wasn’t on the Android side last I checked (it was coming.) The duck can tell when it’s being moved or squeezed, which can work along with an app for various games. It’s also a fairly loud speaker that can be used as a lullaby cuddle toy.

Maggie (three and proud,) likes the iOS app, which does run on the iPad 2, it just doesn’t connect to Edwin the Duck. Aerin (1yo, drools,) immediately decided to turn it into a chew toy, which it held up remarkably well as although i don’t think I would recommend letting it be a chewie for anything larger than a baby.

Edwin the DuckEdwin the DuckEdwin the DuckEdwin the Duck

At the moment the Android and the iOS offerings are different with Android having the main Edwin the Duck app, Edwin’s Preschool, and Edwin’s Sleepy Time. iOS has those plus Edwin’s Bath Time (which will tell you water temp,) and Edwin for Parents.

Unfortunately this current lack of Bathtime or Parents app means the advertising claims of Edwin are only valid for the Apple side and may leave some Android parents fuming as this is a development piece on Android still.

Edwin the DuckSo, like I said, it’s a moving target. Soon both Android and iOS will probably be equally functioning, but that’s not at this point yet which means with my particular mishmash of hardware I’m seeing apps on the iPad 2 I wish would work there or at least be able to use on my Android devices.

The potential for Edwin the Duck is high. A waterproof duck with the ability to be a nightlight and a lullaby machine, games that react to Edwin’s movement as a controller, and some goodies baked in make me think it’ll be brilliant when it all works.

But at the moment it’s still getting to the fully working phase. At least on the Android side. I think you can safely assume that the iOS side is how the Android offerings will be, so go read some reviews, it’s a neat product that I think in a month or two will be great all around.

You can grab Edwin the Duck on Amazon

3 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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