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Aerin’s first steps, Maggie’s hanger

Not a lot been going on at the moment. I’ve been testing an Edwin the Duck, a kid-friendly Android launcher, and an Sesame Street Smart Ear Thermometer and watching my one year old take her first steps.

She’s very determined to increase her destructive reach. Something that we had it good with Maggie was she was a slow scooter, she didn’t crawl until after she walked, and as such she didn’t get into absolutely everything. Aerin’s a 13 month old cruising maniac who finds anything anywhere to put in her mouth.

Oh what’s that? A pine needle in the corner of the room that’s probably been there since the 90’s? In the mouth. Is that a stamp? In the mouth. Oh look some dirt tracked in and right in the maw of babygeddon.

Now she’s up to four good steps and a dive on the fifth. This is some extreme work she’s been putting into it and she seems to know that she wants to walk. It was different with Maggie. She wanted iPhones, phones, etc. Her first real steps were chasing a friend of our’s iPhone and attempting to grab it and play.

Afterwards we just dangled tech in front of her to get her to walk. Aerin’s got an eye on the long game – the ability to transit while seeing a much wider area of things she can put in her mouth.


Maggie’s been having tantrums lately. Some are caused by misunderstandings, some are caused by her being hungry and not noticing it. Some are caused by pressure and her thinking we’re actually angry about something. It’s an interesting stage of her life where she’s not quite able to communicate what is wrong all the time and it’s frustrating as all get out.

Her stomach also doesn’t appear to talk to her when she’s interested in something else and we’ve found many times it’s Snickers time.

Held a raging three year old last week until she calmed down. I’m not sure it was the right thing to do actually, but it worked. I’d held off picking her up for a while, but at 30+ minutes into raging tantrum it didn’t look like there was anything that was helping so I picked up a complaining little one and held her until she could talk again.

Not sure it was right, but it worked and she was able to communicate a little after that. Seems I’m discovering a lot of what I do I’m not sure it’s right but it seems to work ok lately.

Yesterday I came in mid-meltdown at daycare (her school’s out for fall break) and it was hunger related. I caught that, which was impressive, and a couple of crackers later she went from cross to happy.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.