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Redoing the car seats in the Subaru Outback

Aerin in car seat
No baby, you can go sit in the living room!

It turns out that putting Maggie and Aerin’s seats next to each other ended up not really being at all useful. Even with the Subaru Outback’s ability to seat three in the back, we ended up disabling the remaining seatbelt as the car seat in the center sat perfectly on the buckle holder.

Also if I heard Maggie screaming “no baby, don’t touch me!” one more time I was probably going to get picked up by DCS. So now, one of the primary reasons we got the Subbie has been soundly defeated.

Well, at least for a few months.

I guess the experiment ran for about four months before becoming untenable. Oh well, baby now plays with a squeezy toy rather than bugging her sister.

However, one thing I really do enjoy with the change is that the ceiling straps and the Camooflage car seat are no longer blocking 70% of the rear view mirror.

I guess we can fit someone skinny between the two car seats if they are good at contorting. Baby’s car seat also prevents someone tall from sitting in the passenger seat which means me and Shaq aren’t going for beers anytime soon.

Sorry Shaq, I know you’d been planning on that but you’re just going to have to Uber it.

Paul King

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