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Metro Nashville school system’s inability to handle paperwork continues

Paperwork_-_by_Tom_Ventura[1]I’d mentioned before that I had turned in the same application three times to the new school. Well, I got a packet in the kiddo’s backpack saying I needed to do it all over again for a fourth time.

The teacher asked me if I’d turned it in, I said yes, she said she believed me and told me she would talk to them.

I got a call several days later stating that they didn’t have a birth certificate, proof of residence, proof of income, or photo IDs. This after we’ve been there a month.

I told the woman I was talking to that I had turned it in, she pulled the packet, made the same claims that there was no birth certificate, proof of income/residence, etc. I asked her what was in the folder she pulled.

Picard facepalm“…oh, well there’s the birth certificate and an envelope.” What’s in the envelope? Proof of residence. Those two sheets of paper? That would be income verification. And that thing that has a daycare cost for another child is proof there’s another kid.

They were still left with not having any photocopies of our ID, which is odd as they got one when mama had to pick her up early one day, and I have a picture of the information they were handed the second time which included them getting my driver’s license.

I was told their taking of IDs for early dismissal (which it wasn’t,) were not linked in with any other system such as to verify that your kid was supposed to be picked up by that person. Really?

I got to the office and they pulled the folder, copied my driver’s license, and discovered there was no birth certificate, no proof of income, nada. Either the person I had on the phone had removed all of this information or there were two folders with my child’s name on them.

Another person in the office said to mark it complete and move on as this was happening to all the parents and she knew they were in possession of the items… somewhere.

This of course was not the end. About a week later we got the first bill from MNPS, and because none of the paperwork got over there they’re charging us the same rate as someone who makes $2 million a year and has only one kid.

I called, left a message, they never called back. Kim finally called and found out yup, no information other than our names and addresses were forwarded over so for the fourth time in this whole debacle we got to send the income statements in.

Current tally:

  • Birth certificate x3
  • ID x2
  • Proof of residence x3
  • Proof of other child expenses x3
  • Number of visits attempting to fix this that or the other ~15

Paul King

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