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Aldi enters the baby market with Little Journey brand

Aldi baby sectionAldi, Trader Joe’s leaner more efficient cousin, has entered the baby market with diapers, baby snacks, and squeezie pouches guaranteed to end up caking your baby’s neck with wholesome goodness. They’re selling these products under their own Little Journey brand.

We got a 31 pack of their Little Journey size four diapers to try ($4.99, regular price, and if I’m remembering correctly roughly over half the price of the best priced diapers we use that work,) and initially upon opening I thought they were going to be meh because they’re extremely flat and feel like they wouldn’t absorb (compared to the Kirkland’s we use,) but baby put that to the test last night and did her best to destroy one and didn’t.

What’s really cool is usually at that level there’s a little bit of indicator that they’re fouled, but there was none. She felt dry when I got her up and carried her down to the changing table, and the diaper felt substantial when I got it off. No smell escaped when it was on. Hopefully this isn’t an issue as I like not smelling poop.

That said, I didn’t have a scale around to weigh it and it could have been a little light. We’ll see.

We haven’t broken out the Little Journey snacks yet, but that’s probably coming up tonight.

While not entirely evident from the photo here, there were some non-Aldi Little Journey brand baby products available as well. Your store’s inventory may vary.

In Tennessee Aldi now also has wine, so if you’re needing a brief bit of adult time between swapping out diapers, they got you covered.

Update 8/15/16: diapers appear to be good, one of the snacks is much appreciated by baby

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