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Aerin’s first birthday (hooray)

Aerin's first birthdayAlmost everyone Aerin knows dropped by yesterday to celebrate her birthday. Smash cupcake was otherwise enjoyed, but not as fervently as we would have hoped for the mess that ended up happening.

She got extra grumpy at one point and we had to put her down, where she downed a bottle and then wanted back up. So a total of maybe 12 minutes of her party she was out. No biggie.

Maggie dressed as a princess, so did Aerin (Gus Gus). Mouse costumes were a bit more than we were wanting to spend so Maggie got to be Cinderella and so did Aerin.

Aerin's first birthday

Somehow the two white chairs that have not been ScotchGuarded yet managed to survive an army of little ones and chocolate cake without a smudge. That impressed the hell out of me.

Aerin's first birthday

We celebrated it yesterday, but today’s her actual birthday. She’s probably munching on Cheerios and a banana at this point.

Aerin's first birthday

Afterwards the kids played in an awesome collapsible tunnel and Aerin got to interact with a lot of people more her size who weren’t saying “no sister, get away” which seemed to make her a very happy little baby.

She passed out sometime after seven but before eight, and was awake but not doing much when I wandered into get her this morning. She stood up, leaning on the table and in solid babeese said “where are my people, I demand more of the previous night’s festivities!” but unfortunately I just had to drop her off at daycare and go to work.

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