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Alarm ClocksThe setup

Aerin’s been teething, as such she was not sleeping particularly comfortably and would wake up with a yell occasionally. She also passed out at about 6:30 which is an hour and a half before her bedtime. We let her sleep because she was exhausted.

Maggie got home and said she had a very bad cold and wasn’t feeling good. I checked and no swollen throat, no temperature, no indicators but figured I’d file it away as she didn’t seem to want anything.

The side part (in which I am laboring to breathe)

I’m currently on a 40 day run of a CPAP/VPAP machine. Each time I start it it starts at a pressure that’s too low which means I’m laboring to get the air in that I need. It ramps up pretty quickly, or perhaps my nose adapts to the starting pressure.

Whatever the case, each time I put the mask on it’s 12 minutes or so before I get to feeling like I’m not breathing through a straw. It’s a pressure setting that I managed to somewhat fix last night, but still, I haven’t managed to tweak it yet.


Baby goes down early. Around 9pm I give her a bottle while she’s sleeping. I got in bed about 10:30 expecting to be up multiple times in the night. I didn’t expect that before midnight I’d be up four times.

Mask on

First time was baby at about 11, just went over and petted her hair for a bit and she went back to bed. Mask off/on.

Second time was baby at about 11:20, just put a bottle into her mouth. Mask off/on.

Third time was Maggie (3yo) at 11:40 who I woke to tapping me on the shoulder telling me her booty hurt. The smell of poop indicated what had happened. Change, got her back to bed, she seemed to be drifting back out even as I put her in bed. Mask off/on.

Fourth time baby was yelling at 11:55 in her sleep. Once again, just pet her hair. Mask off/on.

I hear a thump at 12:30 and it’s Maggie awake again coming up the stairs. She tells me she’s thirsty. I go down and get her a drink. Her favorite sleep toy is missing and we have to pull the bed apart to find it. Maggie goes back down about 12:40. Mask off/on.

I wake up at 1:09 and look at the monitor as I heard a thump. There’s no Maggie on the monitor. I get up expecting to greet her at the stairs. Nope, she comes back on camera. I believe she’d turned the lights on to go to sleep. I’m not inclined to go down and tell her to shut them off at this point. Mask off, give up.

1:40 baby wakes up and starts talking. Maggie appears to be asleep on the monitor. I plug baby into a bottle and scratch her back.

2:something I am woken up by my three year old tapping me on the back. She’s telling me someone’s punched into the house. After a brief look around the house showing her that nobody has punched into the house she’s determined that mommy must have fixed the brick damage. I attempt to tell her it was a dream but she doesn’t seem to understand the dream concept.

I got her down after a long conversation that nobody punched into the house or repaired it afterward, as I’m drifting off baby screams in pain. Just sleeping yell but it was intense.

4:08 baby wakes up. It’s my belief at this point I had an hour of sleep. Baby doesn’t seem to be angry, need anything, or in pain. The call is made to let baby talk and play in the crib. She knows she can yell to get us. She lays back down sometime around 5:10 after having an epic adventure shaking a toy and projecting the phrase “da da da eeeeee” over and over again.

5? Incredibly loud crash. Everyone’s asleep. I think it was the dumpster people. Not entirely sure I didn’t hallucinate it at this point. I verify the the cam is working and not frozen on an image of sleeping Maggie. Decide to put the mask back on.

5:50 woken up by Maggie. Completely soaked. I’m still at a loss to figure that one out as she’s got a diaper on that’s not full and is fitted correctly. I thought maybe it was her drink but it wasn’t.

Stumbled through the day so far.

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