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Is the new Kirkland Signature Infant Formula as good as the old?

Kirkland Signature Infant Formula (non-GMO 2016 edition)So, we had that scare where Kirkland Signature Infant Formula was discontinued for a bit, and evidently that story is it’s just going to be to a new GMO-free version being released later this week (hopefully,) potentially in a smaller can.

As we had a lot of people visiting that page, and a lot of commentary, I thought I’d put this up in the hopes that some of you will answer whether the new stuff works for your baby as well as the old reliable formula did.

The release date for the new formula is sometime this week (first week of May 2016,) but I’ll be on the old formula for quite a while longer as we probably have enough left to get baby Aerin through the rest of her formula days.

After my experiences with Maggie, acid reflux, and formula switching, we’ve got a good thing going with Aerin and are not going to break it if at all possible.

So, when you get some of the new formula, please let us know if the new Kirkland Signature Infant Formula (the GMO free king,) is as good as the old trust 40 ounce.

Also if anyone would shoot me a photo of the ingredients list I’d appreciate it.

Paul King

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