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Watch TV without blowing the kids out of bed with the Aftermaster Pro

Aftermaster ProOne of the things I do for my other blogging gig is go to see new tech at trade shows occasionally. This year what really impressed me was a demo of a device called the Aftermaster TV (or some such…) they have rebranded it to Aftermaster Pro, and details of its Indiegogo campaign are now live.

So if you’re looking for something that will enable you to watch TV without changing the volume 60 times an hour, take a look at this device which will be hitting the shelves fairly soon.

All I can say from the demo is that it seemed to work exactly like I’d want it to. But this is not the early demo version I heard and with the addition of “pro” to the name … whew… that makes it like five better.

Aftermaster Pro




Hollywood, Calif (April 12, 2016)— Today, Aftermaster Audio Labs—an industry leading audio technology company—unveiled the world’s first Personal Remastering Device, The Aftermaster Pro™. The new sleek, compact and portable device offers a genuine breakthrough in the quality of audio reproduction by remastering all audio-enabled devices in real-time. The Aftermaster Pro has created a new category in consumer electronics by offering a single portable device that dramatically improves all consumer audio.

Born out of a rich music industry background and developed by a team of award-winning sound engineers, the Aftermaster Pro delivers unparalleled audio experience to consumers, significantly enhancing the audio of their televisions, smartphones, headphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and virtually any other audio-enabled devices by:

  • Substantial increases in clarity, depth and fullness in audio not available through any other technology
  • Clearer, louder and balanced dialogue and substantially less volume adjustment while watching TV
  • More fullness and low end from small speakers
  • A never-before-heard quality level in music playback

Aftermaster’s world-class team of audio experts have produced, engineered and mastered more hit music than any audio company in history. To create Aftermaster Pro they combined their expertise with their new audio processing technology, AfterMaster, which is the only audio enhancement technology available that dramatically improves audio throughout the entire frequency range. Virtually every sonic detail is heard, combined with unmatched depth, fullness and clarity.

“I’m thrilled to announce our first consumer product, the AfterMaster Pro, the first personal remastering device for consumers,” says Founder and CEO, Larry Ryckman. “Our award-winning sound engineers spent years developing Aftermaster Pro, a first-of-its-kind product that allows consumers to literally remaster all of their audio seamlessly with our Aftermaster technology and experience a whole new level in sound.”

Frustrated with the overall quality of mass consumer audio in the market, the Aftermaster team was determined to find a solution to the expensive home entertainment systems that made broad claims about sound quality, but ultimately offered little substance when it came to solving dialogue and audio problems.  When used specifically for television, Aftermaster Pro raises and clarifies the dialogue level, virtually eliminating the need to adjust volume in order to hear what people are saying during your favorite TV shows and movies. With its built-in long-life battery, the Aftermaster Pro can also be used on-the-go to provide the best audio that consumers have ever experienced wherever they are and however they choose to enjoy sound.  Indiegogo page here:–2/x/13035955#/

Aftermaster Pro is on the horizon and product is set to be available Summer 2016.




Aftermaster is a groundbreaking audio technology originally developed for the mastering, re-mastering and processing of audio through Aftermaster HD Audio Labs, Inc. Aftermaster’s executive team includes music and audio technology leaders Justin Timberlake, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Shelly Yakus and Larry Ryckman.Aftermasterdelivers an unparalleled clarity, depth and fullness to audio recordings, while delivering a significant increase in volume without increased distortion or loss of dynamic range. The technology has been utilized by a number of leading musicians seeking to create a fuller and richer sound quality than otherwise available in digital audio.

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