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So very different

Maggie and AerinI’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between my kiddos lately. They’re both awesome but each one was so different that it doesn’t feel like either could fit into the same raising baby book.

One of the reasons I think most “do this not this,” parenting advice is useless. Different babies different strokes.

For the first seven months:


When Maggie got teeth we knew from before they came out to days after. Fevers were spiked, poo was yellow, it was an event. She was in very obvious pain and we gave her painkillers which helped. Her sleeping was terrible due to fever and pain.

Aerin was unexpectedly grumpy in the car two days ago and then fine. We discovered she had popped out two teeth. I think she woke up once for 30 seconds last night, I walked to her crib, she was holding her mouth, looked at me, I held a hand of hers and she went back to bed and was asleep still this morning.


Maggie was a little bit messy, but at four months ate everything in sight except something I’ve forgotten. There was some food that she wouldn’t touch, but it wasn’t particularly a thing.

Aerin had the reflex where she spat anything out you’d put in her mouth. Oh, she wanted to eat, but whatever that reflex is pushed it right on out. That reflex lasted until 6 months and a week or two. One day you could feed her, another day the reflex was back. It was baffling. She’ll now guzzle down anything she can.

Maggie had one type of formula that worked for her without making her acid refluxy, and that was Target’s. Aerin can eat anything.


Maggie didn’t sleep more than two hours for eight months 17 days. We thought something was wrong when we woke up. It took another year to get her sleeping normally.

Aerin slept night 1 and 2, was grumpy 3, slept 4, terror 5, and then has pretty much been on either a “sleep eight hours and eat” schedule or sleeps 10 straight.


Maggie wanted held all the time and would only sleep that way. Aerin likes a little cuddling and then whatever.

Wrap up?

None, this was just some musings on two kids raised the same that are just as different as night and day. Maggie’s almost a Threenager and Aerin’s not yet seven months

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.