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Let’s talk about Deadpool

DeadpoolCross posting this as, well, there’s a reason for everything and unless you want to hear about a weird DNS and database failure just assume I’m lazy.

Let’s talk about who not to take to see Deadpool. These people are pretty easy to spot – short, don’t possess driver’s licenses, say “moooommmmmm, it’s not that bad… they’re just saying don’t bring kids because they want you to bring the kids and make it edgy”. Also don’t take people expecting to see a formulaic superhero movie with a good guy.

So during the strip club scene with 14? completely naked women on the screen and Stan lee talking about renting love, you can hear from behind you the mother of the 10 year old she brought saying she didn’t think it was supposed to be that bad.

Perhaps she’d stepped out for the naked fight scene with a badly scarred naked Deadpool, but I’m not sure. She may have been looking away from shadow wang, do not know. This is your imaginary person making poor life choices.

I’m not down on Deadpool, lord no, that was a very enjoyable movie, but man, it’s got 127 Hours type scenes, drawn out demented torture, a human being turned into hamburger, a very strong message that killing random people who may be involved with someone you’re after is fine, talk of masturbation with a baby hand, multiple sex scenes, more junk on screen than Transformers, and overall the fact that it’s only rated R does kind of make me think the MPAA is getting desensitized (see South Park, or Taxi Driver).

Yeah, the big issue here is parents are creeping out the other people in the theater with their really astoundingly bad choices. Oh hey, let’s put a 9 year old in a theater with a bunch of adults who know what to expect, except hearing a kid a row back asking if that’s what a naked crotch is supposed to look like.

Get off my lawn!

Anyway, for the adults, if you’re looking for a fun movie, like extremely violent witty slash them up movies with a protagonist who can’t be killed (without absurd effort,) and you know that going in, Deadpool is one of the funniest superhero movies I’ve ever seen.

Which considering they’re not generally funny isn’t saying much, but I enjoyed it, and would watch again just to try and catch some more of the bizarre references.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.