Transitioning from the My Little Snugakitty Deluxe Rock N Play Sleeper to a bassinet

Fisher-Price My Little Snugakitty Deluxe Rock N Play Sleeper

Aerin slept in that for the first few months of her life. She’d pass out at around eight PM and sleep with maybe one wakeup for feeding until seven or eight AM. Always in a good mood.

After the hospital visit we decided to get her into the bassinet and move onto the next stage of baby pre-crib sleeping.

We switched from wrapping her up in a comfy towel to a premade swaddler with velcro, and put her into a bassinet that Maggie used to “sleep” in.

Immediately Aerin’s sleep mirrored Maggie’s. Wakeups all through the night, grumpy, not a happy camper.

The First Years 5-in-1 Carry Me Near Sleep System

We all needed sleep last night, I wrapped baby up in a towel, placed her in the Snugakitty, and she was out like a light.

We watched a movie and then I planned on moving her when she woke up to the other bed, but she slept from 9pm-8:17am and when she woke up she smiled, yawned, and then smiled and stretched for several minutes.

Happiest I have seen her in two weeks.

I still want to get her moved over, although next week it may not be an issue as we’re evicting the two and a half year old from the crib and reassembling it upstairs.

I mentioned to ITMama that had we this little trouble with the first one’s sleeping I would have not dreaded the second with such fervor.


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