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Slept all through the night

Aerin doesn't sleep, she waitsAerin’s been a fussy camper these past few days and with good reason. The hospital upset her, and after she got out of there she was jacked on steroids and epinephrine or whatever they gave her for a couple of days. She also was getting over the snots which was probably caused by whatever started the throat constriction.

Nights were unusually filled with annoyed cries of a fussy baby. This was odd for Aerin, par for the course with Maggie when she was that age but Aerin has always been a quiet little one. Usually waking up once to grab a drink and then back to bed.

Last night she was very fussy, extremely tired, but couldn’t sleep for more than a 10 minute stretch before waking back up and wanting some sort of soothing or entertainment.

Finally I ended up swaddling her and boring her to sleep. Oh, you’re awake… now look at me do nothing…. two minutes later back asleep… oh you’re awake again… look, I’m watching TV and… oh you’re asleep again. Oh you woke from a noise… no noise now… look how boring … and you’re asleep again.

This took about half an hour of boring, but she finally ptfo and when we went to bed I assumed she would be back awake sometime around 2am or 4am for a feeding. I woke on my own about 4am as this had become so standard it’s ingrained in me. I heard her smack her lips, grunt, and go to sleep.

I expected she would wake up shortly and want food, but no.

I got up at 6:40 or so because Maggie had woken up and was making a racket. By 7:10 Aerin was still not awake. We finally bugged her at 7:30 and she woke up, stretched, and happy babied us.

Here’s to hoping the worst has completely passed.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.