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Keep wires & cords out of toddler hands with sleeves

Sumsonic 20″ Neoprene Cable Management Sleeve Something I hadn’t realized when having a child was that there’s an age at which every wire has to be examined from one end to the other and then flung across the room with a joyous shriek.

All well and good and easily repairable for the most part, however when you’re dealing with a lot of devices (cable box, HDMI chooser, gaming system 1, gaming system 2, the gaming system you still have hooked up but you don’t really play but you know the instant you put it away you’re going to want it, speaker/subwoofer wires, amp, phone charger or two, power cable for your Chromecast, Chromecast,) it can become a nightmare to put back together.

Something I’ve been playing with for my other blogging gig seems to be the perfect solution for this. It’s black zip-up neoprene sleeves. Specifically a five-pack of Sumsonic 20″ Neoprene Cable Management Sleeves.

Sumsonic 20″ Neoprene Cable Management Sleeve Not only do they do a great job of managing cables, they can also be taken off with a zip and resecured with a new wire, or one fewer wires, without having to cut off zip ties or twist ties.

The idea is pretty simple, and if you want you can just grab some neoprene and zippers and make your own. I’d advise sticking to about the lengths that these come in just as that seems to be about the perfect length to join cables, but not so long you have to wrangle another cable at an awkward angle in.

After playing with them most of the day I’ve decided that they definitely make the chaos die down, and that’s what toddlers seem to be most attracted to.

I’m not sold that the five-pack of Sumsonic 20″ Neoprene Cable Management Sleeves are the best price or the best solution, but they’re a great tool to make things look nicer, and keep wires from being such a tempting and easy target.

They’re something I’m going to be looking for similar as unfortunately 100 inches of neoprene barely got work under control. [sad trombone]

You can grab a five pack of Sumsonic 20″ Neoprene Cable Management Sleeves at Amazon for $15.99

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