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Google Photos now allows shared albums

Google Photos now with Shared AlbumsGoogle Photos is awesome, but up until now if you and a bunch of friends wanted a place where you could see all the best photos from a party then one person was usually given the task of organizing the collection, hosting and uploading pictures that were emailed to them.

No longer! Google Photos announced today that it now makes sharing an event easier than ever now allowing many people to submit photos and organize on the fly.

With today’s launch, you can now make the albums you send collaborative. People receiving the shared album can join to add their own photos and videos, and also get notifications when new pics are added. You can even save photos and videos from a shared album to your Google Photos library, so that you can hold onto them even if you weren’t the one holding the camera.

Albums can be shared and photos added to them as the party rages on, but best of all as long as you’re uploading in high quality as opposed to perfect, there will be no hit to your free Google storage.

So this Christmas, get together with the family and share pictures of your parties as one, even if they’re half a world away. Or, you know, figure out your own use for it.

If you’ve got kids, create shared albums with your significant other so you don’t have to keep syncing photos back and forth for “hey, I need to print a mug, got any good recent photos of Aerin?”

Overall it’s a pretty wonderful idea, and you can control what’s there and delete your creepy uncle’s questionable photos on the fly or ban him from the album outright.

Google Photos is free, can store unlimited photos (I’m not sure if anyone’s pushed that yet,) and available on Android and iOS. It’s also available via a web browser.

Download: Google Play, iOS

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