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4 month old healthy, 2.5 year old cranky

Aerin at the doctor's office for four month shotsYesterday was Aerin’s four month old checkup/shots. She did pretty well with it, significantly moreso than Maggie did when she got her shots at that age. This may be because that nurse doesn’t seem to be employed there any more. I don’t know.

There were three shots and an oral rotavirus medication. She didn’t mind anything except the last shot. She got over that in about two minutes. It wasn’t the horror of Maggie’s vaccinations. It all went smoothly.

Maggie on the other hand is suffering from jet lag. On the day of the flight here she didn’t sleep well the night before, refused to take a nap, passed out for approximately 15 minutes before boarding the plane, and then was up 3.5 hours into the flight putting her at an awake time in the neighborhood of 20 hours that day.

She woke up angry, begging to go back to sleep. I had to get to work. She screamed for 40 minutes about this, that, and the other and ended up standing in a room yelling at the top of her lungs for a good 20 minutes at one point. It was not the highlight of my day.

After school it was bedtime at eight, she didn’t want to go down but I played a little game to get her into bed and she was not particularly upset. I think she was awake 30 minutes or so before passing out. I saw her sleeping and moving once or twice but she was out from nine PM to nine am, woke up exhausted.

Luckily today it was just “man I’m sleepy and need a burrito” rather than “all is doomed, repent unbeliever!” She was pretty good and had some funny things to say this morning involving that she needed a Barbie doll (I’m checking to see if I can find her a Google System Engineer Barbie,) and wanted to play with Minnie Mouse (she got a weird pillow critter called a Tsum Tsum that she and baby like).

The Toddler Terrorist’s only real demands this morning was that she walk into school with some milk. When she got there her class was in the activity room, and for the first time ever I saw her and another kid really interact as her friend came over and helped her get her coat off and then they went to play.

I mean, I know she has friends. Just toddlers seem to exist in a world of “pass me that” rather than “help me with this” and this seemed to be the transitioning point.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.