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Over $140 in children’s shows free on Google Play

Free children's shows
Unfortunately I “purchased” all of the free ones so the original prices disappeared.

If you’ve got a Chromecast, iPhone, Android, Nexus player, Xbox 360, XBOX One, Playstation 3+, etc etc etc chances are you can play video from Google Play without jumping through a lot of hoops and right now there’s a good reason to check whether you can.

Google Play is offering up the first seasons of several children’s shows for free. No reason to not purchase the free items, even if you don’t have kids yet or plan to have them (you’ll run across a bored toddler some day.) It’ll just get added to things you can access at some later.

There are also $35 discounts of two seasons of other shows if you’re interested in those.

The great thing about Google Play videos as opposed to Netflix is that you can download them and play them on the road. No internet connection is required.

Anyway free, go grab ’em at Google Play

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