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How much does it cost to feed baby Enfamil Gentlease

Enfamil GentleaseEnfamil Gentlease is a miracle worker. Well, for my two babies it was. Each time after one of them had a virus involving a fever suddenly their stomachs stopped processing milk right and we ended up with formula-gushing infants. In both cases, at the recommendation of our pediatrician, we switched to Enfamil Gentlease for a couple of weeks while their stomachs got back on track. After the formula spewing badness was gone we switched back to normal formulas.

The cost of this formula was a point of worry each time we had to go on it as it’s generally more expensive when purchased at a store, but on a recent trip to Costco and having read through the forums a few times looking for a price, I’ve now got the price on it.

If you’re a reader of theITbaby, you may have read one of our most popular articles “How much does it cost to feed a baby formula” which was based on the mythical formula-only baby, and the then-current price of Target’s powdered formula which cost $0.09 per liquid ounce produced.

Enfamil Gentlease and the $1000 formula baby

The mythical formula-only baby eats nothing but formula from day one to day 365. This is what’s used to get those +$1000 numbers you hear volleyed around. We determined that when breastfeeding and getting formula from other sources was involved, formula feeding a real baby ended up being more in the $300 range. We’ll go into that another time though. Oh yeah, they also can start eating at four to six months so formula consumption drops.

Enfamil Gentlease costs $0.1344 per liquid ounce produced if purchased at Costco, $0.161 cents per ounce produced at Walmart, or Amazon.

I’ll go with the higher number of $0.161 here. I’ll make a note that if your state charges sales tax on baby items you will need to take that tax rate and add it into the final number. TN is about 9.75% if you purchase in Nashville, so just take your final number for cost and multiply it times 1.taxrate (EG 9.75% tax rate you would multiply the final number by 1.0975).

You can read where I got weights and standard month measurements here. I’m not cutting and pasting everything.

How much does it cost to exclusively feed Enfamil Gentlease

Month 1: 7 pounds, 17.5 ounces of formula per day, $2.81 per day, $85.68 this month
Month 2: 8.5 pounds, 21.25 ounces per day, $3.42 per day $104.04 this month
Month 3: 10 pounds, 25 ounces per day, $4.025 per day, $122.40 this month
Month 4: 11.5 pounds, 28.75 ounces per day, $4.62 per day, $140.76 this month
Month 5: 13 pounds, 32.5 ounces per day, $5.23 per day, $159.12 this month
Month 6: 14.5 pounds, 36.25 ounces per day, $5.84 per day, $177.48 this month
Month 7: 16 pounds, 40 ounces per day, $6.44 per day, $195.84 this month
Month 8: 17.5 pounds, 43 ounces per day, $6.92 per day, $210.52 this month
Month 9: 19 pounds, 47.5 ounces per day, $7.64 per day, $232.56 this month
Month 10: 20.5 pounds, 51.25 ounces per day, $8.25 per day, $250.92 this month
Month 11: 22 pounds, 55 ounces per day, $8.85 per day, $269.28 this month
Month 12: 23.5 pounds, 58.75 ounces per day, $9.46 per day, $287.64 this month

If I did the math right, that first year of using nothing but the tummy-calming Gentlease comes out to $2,236.24 before taxes.  $2,454.27 if you’re living in Nashville.


Yup, that’s expensive formula. Fortunately, at least in our case, we’ve only had to purchase one can of Enfamil Gentlease, we were given a few by the pediatrician, and generally you can use it for a short amount of time to get the tummy back on track and then move them off.

You most inexpensive bet for Enfamil Gentlease is probably Costco, but if you’re not a member and aren’t having to rush out and grab it right now grab it at Amazon for $25.98. (Do it there, we get like a dollar if you purchase through them).

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