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Do I need to buy formula?

Formula haul
What we’ve managed to rack up without trying

If you’ve got a new baby incoming and are worried about whether you need to stock up on formula here are some things you might want to consider that can save or cost you some money.

Why would I get formula?

Some babies don’t breastfeed very well. Some breasts don’t produce milk properly. You will hear a bunch of people harping on going all natural but the truth is most babies didn’t survive in nature, 30% in cities didn’t make it to 15. Nature isn’t Disney. You can try feeding until you’re sobbing in a corner but sometimes it doesn’t work.

You might think you’re somehow doing something martyr-like for your infant, but if they’re crying it’s because they’re hungry, and your stress and personal resolve isn’t going to magically make more boob juice appear. Nor, as far as I have observed, will eating herbs that make you smell like fennel.

Why would I not get formula?

It’s not natural, it doesn’t promote standard bonding, and due to misconceptions about antibodies vs topical antibiotics you’ve got a lot of people saying it’s bad (the most misunderstood misquoted study says it sucks in the first 48 hours and can damage gut balance, after 48 hours no real worries).

Formula also costs money and you may have to try a few to figure out what baby works well with.

Trying a formula also is a multi-day affair as if they were having problems with formula A you can’t expect formula B to work the instant they drink it. It may be a couple of days before they pass whatever evils there are.

Formula also means you have to carry around either packets of it or a can.

No, really, do I need to buy formula?

Chances are if you’ve done a search on the internet for anything about a baby you may have had a can of Enfamil mysteriously appear at your door. The data mining companies do to determine you’re pregnant are astounding.

As such there are a lot of families that are getting trial cans of the stuff and never using it.

Joining a mom board on Facebook will often net you a lot of cans of unused formula. Asking around will often net you more.

If you’ve got a pediatrician like we do you’ll find yourself walking out with a couple of cans as well.

Your experiences will vary, but our current situation at 10 weeks in and mostly formula feeding involves us having paid for three cans of formula, of which we used one and a half and may be returning the expensive tummy calming one as we have multiple sample sized ones for future endeavors.

It’s entirely possible with some effort to be able to supplement entirely on formula without purchasing a can if you’re breastfeeding or planning on trying.

Average sample sized can lasts initially a week or two, so you’re in no rush if you’ve got a can lying about, less of a rush if you want to ask around on local mom forums.

Wow I’ve got so much formula

So you’ve reached a point where you don’t need it. Pass it on.

If you’ve got a can or two, you’re generally fine and can survive two people getting the flu and trying to take care of a baby at the same time.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.