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Prime Pantry Purchase #2 awesome if you like crushed items

Amazon Prime Pantry boxI’d had one item damaged on Prime Pantry order number one, they refunded my crushed item, but my second order showed up today and actually has kept me from getting to work yet.

I’d just dropped off Maggie and Aerin and school and we’d spun by to drop some artwork back at the house. I needed to add a bill to my spreadsheets that I hadn’t yes so I came in and went upstairs and added it and heard a loud “whoomp.” And there it is.

The mail delivery service had dropped a 20+ pound package on my doorstep loud enough that I ran to the window to figure out what had happened. I saw the mail delivery truck pulling out of my driveway and thought “oh wow, that was loud, must be my Prime Pantry order.”

The Prime Pantry box as it lay
This was it as it lay, hadn’t touched it yet

I probably would have just drug it in and left it were the box not open when I got there. Since I could see items inside without opening the box I decided it was probably best to run through and make sure nothing had fallen out.

What ensued was me discovering that the person who packaged the box had no concept of don’t put crushable items under a 10 pound box of soda. They put two packages of some chips I really had been wanting under a 12 pack of coke. They put some tortilla chips in a separate compartment with two 12 ounce cans that weren’t secured by anything so they spent the whole travel time slamming against them.

They packaged a can of pringles next to three large bottles so they got crushed.

They taped off to the side of the box top so one side popped open. You can see when it’s being delivered that the box was open before the post office employee chucked it onto my porch.

The Prime Pantry box as it lay
This is how much it opened with just a little pull
I didn't need chips... thanks for letting me know I'm fat Amazon
I didn’t need chips… thanks for letting me know I’m fat Amazon
Crushed CheezIt box looks much better when reinflated
Crushed CheezIt box looks much better when reinflated
Hidden under a 12-pack of soda
Discovered under a 12 pack of soda: my chips. One bag popped

Now, Prime Pantry is pretty good about these things. I got refunds on all crushed items that I’ve discovered so far. But man. That is crap layout packaging, bad tape job, and the postal service dropping it hard enough that I heard it on another floor.

While I’m fine that they’ve refunded me the money, Prime Pantry is a service I’d like to use, and it would be good if I didn’t have to outthink the people packing the items to make sure I don’t order any combo of crushable items as they seem determined to make that crushing happen.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.