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Cometh the Iron Maiden (pre-Halloween)

Maggie as the Iron MaidenDue to my fondness for a certain Marvel character Iron Man, there exist two or three items in my living rooms with him on it. A game me and Maggie used to play was identifying random comic book characters on T-shirts I had, Iron Man was one of them she usually got right (although for some reason she confuses Spider Man with Iron Man occasionally).

We have a couple of costumes for her this year, but one of them is the Iron Maiden, which you would think judging by the overheard comments is the most original thing ever (it’s not,) or that somehow we’re really progressive (maybe, don’t see how a child’s halloween costume means much).

Maggie hasn’t wanted to put much commentary into what she wants to be for Halloween, so this year we’ve chosen for her. I think we did right because when we put it on she was saying “I’m Iron Man” which is fairly adorbs because of her speech at the moment it sounds like “Iyuh Iron Mayhhh”.

Iron Maiden vs Corn
One of Iron Maiden’s Sacred Duties was to put corn in a tube

We took her to a fair in Franklin in the getup, which was probably a bad idea considering the distance, that there were bouncy pits to be had, and that it was drizzling the entire time, but it worked out ok for her. She was the only costume mod I saw there. There were other Iron Mans, but no Iron Maidens.

Iron Maiden vs the Smoke BubblesAfter that she had a toddler meltdown. Nap missed, candy injected, and bouncy houses flooded with rain taken away, it became a very bad day. Until her first Trunk or Treat later on in the night.

I’d never heard of these before, so this was my first experience as well. There weren’t too many people participating at the one we went to, which is probably because it was drizzly and the entire day it looked like it might just pour.

The Iron Maiden spent far too much time chasing bubbles at a smoke-in-bubble machine, but managed to hit up every car there at least twice (we did tell the candy givers she’d already been there, but due to low turnout this wasn’t a problem).

Iron Maiden came home from her second outing, and this time there were no fights or fussing, just a tired two year old.

Iron Maiden wins

Iron Man costume: $17-60 TuTu and Marvel Bag: friend made.

Paul King

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