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Aerin’s 8 week shots, flu shot, and sick

Maggie and AerinYesterday was a day in which we loaded up all member of Team:King and headed down to the pediatrician’s office to get Aerin her 8 week shots. We also got Maggie a flu shot due to her spending most of her days in a sicko pit.

Aerin’s inoculations were significantly easier than Maggie’s were. There were three shots as opposed to five, different nurse, and other than one ticked off baby it wasn’t traumatic. Baby calmed down in a minute or so and other than a slightly raised temperature later in the day that went away there were no issues.

Maggie was given the choice of a nasal spray flu vaccine, or a shot. She demanded the shot. The staff also recommended it as it worked better anyhow with the toddler folk. Maggie noticed it, but not overly. It took less than a second to get the shot and Maggie was obsessed with the band-aid.

As I was sitting there in the doctor’s office I was become short of breath. This I notice a bit more than normal as I had that heart test recently as something odd was afoot. Carrying the 2-year-old back I was wheezing, and a bit later I determined that Fall was trying to kill me after an antihistamine mostly cleared it up.

Antihistamines throughout the day fogged me out and I attempted to get to bed early only to find I was a twitchy as hell bastard. Baby lump woke up at 3ish for feeding, Maggie woke up at 4:50 calling for me and refusing to go back to sleep. She said her stomach was hurting.

I initially chalked that up to perhaps she was having a side effect of the flu vaccine, but after tales of bowels I will not regale you with, I have determined we all had some sort of funk unrelated to anything having to do with the medical community. I believe it entered the family through the little lump based on blowout reports.

Today was Pajama Day at their school. Kim dressed them up in matching jammies, and Maggie decided it was the most traumatic thing in the world to be separated from me. She had to be taken off me crying. The teacher said she’d be fine in a minute.

I wandered down to the baby lump dropoff, got Aerin checked in and as I walked out my manic two-year-old went running down the hall and I had to duck out of sight. She’d forgotten about me as the class marched down to breakfast.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.