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YouTube Kids – now with Chromecast!

YouTube KidsIf your kid is anything like mine, she wants to watch Wheels on the Bus, all 62,000 variations of it, and choose which one she’ll be watching herself. That or Peppa Pig needs to be on in order for her to do her great works with a Crayon.

While YouTube Kids simplified a lot of the choosing as I no longer live in fear of her being two taps from whatever supremacy party is spewing their hatespeech, it also didn’t support Chromecast and the ability to return the tablet or phone to use.

YouTube Kids

Parental controls could also be hacked by a kid who can read “eight” and press 8, which my two year old has about a 50/50 shot at the moment.

You can now define your own passcode, which will allow you to bypass a reading child’s innate hacking ability. This also will allow you to keep a kid from modifying the application timer to watch more shows.

YouTube Kids

Unfortunately while they added Chromecast support, they didn’t add an option to disable it in the parental controls. This means your kiddo can take over your Chromecast at any time, and potentially stream a significantly longer video than the YouTube Kids app would otherwise allow.

YouTube Kids

An example is you start streaming your three hour long mega Peppa Pig compilation and then just turn off the phone. The Chromecast will continue along at a merry pace just streaming.

YouTube Kids is free for whatever market or device you have.

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