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BL_05 Bluetooth Smart LED Light with speaker review

Maggie playing with the BL_05 lightbulbThe BL_05 Bluetooth Smart LED Light with built in speaker is possibly the greatest tech thing you could add to a child’s room. A multi color nightlight that will play them bedtime music, and can be set to auto-color when you want to pump some loud tunes through it and set up a disco.

I’ll preface this with any manufacturer that has a branded BL_05 Bluetooth Smart LED Light with Speakers bulb, they all come from the same original equipment manufacturer. While some of them drop the underscore, and the packaging is different, the only thing that’s going to change from reseller to reseller probably is the warranty.

We introduced Maggie to the multicolor light and music player and removed some of the mess of wires that was maintaining our current setup from her room. The one bulb allowed me to remove the deactivated Android phone, its charger, a bluetooth speaker, its power supply, and an adapter for that supply, from a room with an inquisitive toddler and just slap the bulb in.

I placed the phone, which provides the music, in the next room and can stream her night night music from there. That said, she spent a good thirty minutes saying “red” and making the room red, followed by another color, followed by another.BL_05 bluetooth speaker and LED light bulb

The lights can be left on, off, or dimmed from another room, which is probably great for some. I’m having a bit of a learning curve on figuring out when I’m dimming and when I’m shutting the thing off.

The software on these things is usually OEM software with a direct download link from a third party. If you’re not into that, here’s a Google Play link for the software that works on mine.

The light, when turned off at the switch, will re-pair with whatever device when it’s turned back on, so there’s not a lot of hullabaloo every time you turn off power to the socket.

The software features a color chooser and a media player, but you can skip using the media player and use Google Music or basically anything that makes sound as you’re directing all sound out to that bulb now. You should keep that in mind lest you get a phone call and it wake the baby.

If you’re wanting to use a computer, you can pair the audio as a standard bluetooth device, but there’re going to be no light controls for you. I don’t know if you can pair both a computer and a tablet/phone in order to control the lights though. Spec sheets are a bit short on this one.

Music doesn’t sound great, but it does sound ok. I guess there’s only so much speaker you can jam underneath a LED light that’s sitting on top of a socket that hasn’t changed much since the 1800s.

BL_05 bluetooth speaker and LED light bulb BL_05 bluetooth speaker and LED light bulb

The bulb itself is also huge. You’re going to need either an open air mounting like a standard lamp, or a really large canopy to cover it. it doesn’t get very warm, so if it’s touching something you probably don’t have to fear (go ahead and fear anyway however).

I think overall the thing is about perfect for a kid’s room where you can keep it away from the child. The inability to drive out some monster bass and the pairing options you have with it seem to necessitate a dedicated device to drive it (such as an old deactivated phone,) unless you’re just wanting to be techie.

For us, it’s almost the perfect toddler room item. If you could load music onto it or control everything from a computer via WiFi I think it’d be perfect.

Based on other reviews, you might want to go with a company that has a good track record for warranty replacement as there was a substandard batch of these that was released. So do be aware of that.

The companies that package and resell this are:

And about a hundred others which you can find here. The lowest price and shipping is the Mfeel if I’m not mistaken.

2.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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