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Track baby metrics with Feed Baby app

Feed Baby appIf you’re looking for an app that works on Android and iOS that allows you to track baby feeding and pooing and other things you need to track during the first few months, look no further than an app named Feed Baby.

The first incredibly useful feature of this is to allow two or more devices to sync the information between them. If you’re shift-sleeping your phone has all the information that your partner in babydom has entered in.

The Feed Baby app will also alert you when it’s time to check on your new bundle of joy’s new bundle of poo, and when it’s time to feed. No need to rouse your loved one from the depths of yet another hour and a half nap in order to find out when the baby was last fed.

You can keep up with breastfeeding including left and right options, and basically have all that information at hand for the pediatrician or your loved one without having to attempt to relay it while you muddle through newborn haze and sleep deprivation.

The Feeb Baby app is free with limits. You can’t manually sync except once every six hours meaning you might have a notice on one device to feed a baby that’s been dismissed on another. Not anything horrible. You can generally work around it and the data entered on the two devices will combine when it gets around to it.

It does most of what I imagine is needed, although it would be nice if you could tie it into Google Now or Siri where you could say “record poopy diaper” or “start feeding” as usually your hands are pretty much tied up when dealing with these things.

If you want to upgrade to the paid version, it’s $5.99 on Google Play and the App Store and adds some more features. It appears that at least on the Android side, a license is per Google account, and that if you and your other don’t share a Google account for apps, you might need to purchase more than one license or add your Google account to the other device in order to handle the license.

I don’t know how it works on the iOS side as we only have the one iDevice.

It appears on the Android and iOS sides the complaints are a couple of the options don’t work after a couple of weeks unless you pony up the six bucks and that you’re not warned that anything will stop working when you install.

The options listed don’t appear to be devastating to lose, so there’s that.

Download: iOS | Google Play

4 / 5 stars     

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.