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Things to take your mind off Waiting for Baby

moo parkI am partially honored that both my babies seem to love my innards so much that they refuse to vacate in a timely manner. Everyone’s got that friend that comes over to watch a movie or have supper and then stays awkwardly late. Both my kids will be those people.

I’d really like to spend my last couple days (weeks!?!) screwing with people at the Taco Bell. “When are you DUE?” “Oh, January….” not to mention eating much healthier than I have and pretty much just sleeping or watching Teen Mom, but there are things to DO and family in town – here is how I should be (and actually am) spending time waiting out Gus Gus.

*In list form, because nothing says “I have no brain power left” like a Buzzfeed style list.

1. Making sure your co-workers helping on maternity have everything they need and then promptly giving up and just deciding to forward your e-mail to a trustworthy person. Subcategories include giving your fill-in the tasks much sooner than needed, just in case, and then hovering over them like a maniac, bombarding them with dumb questions like ‘have they ever filled out a physical deposit slip?’ and labeling your office drawers with post-it notes in case they need to find something easier.

2. Shopping: why is this even a thing I am compelled to do? I am pretty broke, nor do I have a true paid maternity leave (‘Murica, different blog post). Gus has many many hand-me-downs and some pretty new things to call her own already, but still – in the past few weeks I have built up Moo’s fall wardrobe, stocked up on books and bought myself a few things with large waistbands so I feel less dump-tastic in the next few months.

Fall shoes are never a bad buy, especially if they remain neutrals and contain glitter: SHOES

3. Cooking nutritious meals for the crockpot and freezer. JUST KIDDING! I did, however, spend a small fortune (see #2) at Trader Joes on heat and eat fare.

4. Enjoying quiet lunches at the hip places I’ll have to swear off for a bit. Nashville has exploded and with it, its restaurant creation. There is a new joint on the street every week. Paul and I have tried Chauhan Ale & Masala House and Americano. Epice is in the works.

5. Sitting in the bathtub. Hopefully this will be upgraded to a pool. Today is my last day of work and my parents have come to town and with their hotel comes pool access, plus – I barely fit in the tub anymore. Sad but true.

6. Loving extra on Moo. I think she feels the winds of change. In addition to her new gear we have been extra nice and spending time doing things she loves: splash pad, being lazy and watching cartoons, visiting her ‘aunt’ Brooke and reading. She is a little extra clingy and dramatic, but that could just be regular 2-year-old shtick as well.

7. Losing my cat, and then the cat coming home. I spend 85% of my time annoyed at my cat lately, but I was still traumatized she decided to take a ‘walk-about’ of the damn neighborhood for near 10 days. One morning she just showed back up. She now has a NEON YELLOW collar and tags.

IMAG02358. Hitting free stuff: Summer in Nashville is a plethora of Festivals. Maggie entered her first art show and shared a La Paletas at the Tomato Arts Fest, in the 5 Points neighborhood of East Nashville.


9. Chilling: This is how we chill in our family. Pure class.



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