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Get The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep free

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep: A New Way Of Getting Children To Sleep

As this was on the news today (GMA I believe,) I figured I’d throw you a quick bit if you want The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep free because you’re unsure if it’ll work.

As the author removed the free ebook there is currently no legal (or illegal oddly,) way to get the book for free that I can find. You can sign up for Audible and listen to a reading of it free for one month to see if it’ll work. The book is also fairly inexpensive if it works for your child.

Update 2/10/2016: As noted by a comment below, once you sign up for (and then cancel,) your free audiobook trial on Amazon the audio book is still yours to keep.

I checked and my old Audible trial (since cancelled,) still lets me hear Go the F to Sleep, and it was cancelled the day I signed up for it.

Update 9/24/15: Looks like the Kitten copycat book is gone from Amazon now.

Update 9/8/15: that didn’t take long – copycat (literally) books already on Amazon with The Kitten Who Wants To Fall Asleep. Tossed a note to the Rabbit author, he wrote me back on the 10th saying the agents were looking into it.

Update 9/4/15: The book sold to a major publisher, meaning that it’s most likely forever legally gone from the internet unless you can find a copy sitting around somewhere.

Considering it’s a three meg non-DRM protected EPUB file you’d assume one of the thousands of people who downloaded it in one of the 10 or so languages it came in would have thrown it up somewhere by now.

I can’t be the only one to have saved it and the audio from a woman reading it on YouTube to my computer.

To save you time, I went to everything listed on Google for getting it free, there are no live links that don’t go to scam sites. I went to everything on Yahoo that says you can get it free, there’s one Vietnamese site that has a link to the first 3 megabytes of the 3.4 meg epub file, it contains the same files the epub I have has, but it’s missing some data such as the text.

Update 9/3/15: The free e-book has been removed from the publisher’s website. The free YouTube readings people recorded have been taken down. The author is attempting to sell the rights to a publisher now as the thing works pretty darn well. You can still get it free for 30 days via an Audible trial, but that’s not forever free. It’s free enough to see if it works for you and if not you’re out nothing more than clicking cancel, so there’s that.

At this point, there’s no no-strings-attached free version of this. When there is I’ll update this. There’s also no pirated versions showing on any of the major sites, which confuses the hell out of me.

Pre 9/3/15 stuff (which you can consider invalid at the moment):

You don’t have to trust Amazon reviews or go looking for a pirate site to download someone’s stolen ebook copy, the author is giving it away for free on his website. Yes, free. You get one email with a download link, that’s it.

You can get it here <- click that, no tricks. You’ll get an email with a direct download link to an epub file. If you use Google Books you can simply add it to your bookshelf and read on any device, or if you’ve got an epub reader you can read it with that.

As the goal is not to show your kid the book, but to read it to them, you can just print it out if you want, or hide the iPad, read it on a phone, carve it in stone etc.

I’ll be trying this out tonight most likely. I’ve currently just uploaded it to my Google Books account for reading on any device I own, but it’s pretty small, so I may just print my own copy so there’re no glowing screens to deal with.

If you like it, or think it works, you can buy it printed, or get the audiobook from Amazon, or ask the author for his address or payment info and ship him some money. The audiobook is probably best if you aren’t particularly good at following instructions on how to read the thing to your kid, or you’ve got a cold.

Supposedly the thing’s a miracle worker, but then again that remains to be seen, and unlike crappy paid baby translators, you can use this completely with no limitations beyond the EPUB format with the author’s blessing. So get The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep free, hopefully get some sleep. You probably need it.

Oh yeah, on YouTube people are making their own audio versions of the book, here’s one you can play to your lil one. There were plenty last I checked. Feel free to comment with better ones.  (YouTube removed all copies due to author’s request) You can also get it for free (for 30 days) with an Audible trial from Amazon (I will point out at 30 days they want money most likely so that’s not free free).

Here’s what one YouTube author had to say about it.

September 3, 2015: Some people ripped the audio tracks out of those YouTube videos, I’ll shoot the author an email and see if the issue was that the YouTube people were using his product to make money on their channels or if he just wants to make sure he gets some income from some direction. If it’s the former and he doesn’t care, I’ll post one here.

Want to know how to read it for free on any device? Here you go.

Want to know my experience (updated as we use it) here it it.

Want to help theITbaby out? Share a link to this page or give us cash or something. I never expected posting a free ebook was what was going to bring the most visitors to a site I’ve been working on for the past two and a half years.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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