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Delivery day?

Deliver6am, get up, get Maggie ready for school.

7:20 drop Maggie off and start the trek to the hospital.

8:03 get there, only 3 minutes later to checking in. Big accomplishment.

8:51 a woman comes out and tells us they’d called earlier to cancel/put us off until later. There was no call, no voicemail showing.

9:20 voicemail from 6am shows up, thanks Sprint.

10:40 just waiting

11:37 sitting at the acupuncture place trying to needle baby out. No calls from hospital

3pm call back. Grab Maggie from daycare, get back to the hospital

3:48 checking in slightly more than first time

403 Sat through a red alert tenth floor north tower. Still in the waiting room

4:07 doctor comes out asks a family to come to another room for privacy while they discuss private medical details. They all March back. We can literally just every single detail. Every detail.

4:31 lost some updates due to spotty WiFi. Have room.

4:39 IV is in

4:44 Kim just signed a waiver saying we won’t sell the placenta on Craigslist

5:06 been talking with midwife.

5:26 met the night shift person who will be with us and just signed the drug you up waiver in case it’s needed.

IV port is in but nothing flowing

5:34 it’s nine and a half hours in from our initial start time. So far no drugs, just tests.

Just sitting waiting for next doc

5:50 the meds are flowing

6:25 headed out for a bit to grab some food while Kim was just waiting.. it’s a much shorter walk this time to disappointing pizza.

Back, baby’s kicking around knows something is up, we’re watching Guardians of the Galaxy on the in-room movie options.

6:28 kind of creepy begining scene when you’re in a hospital

6:30 first contraction of note

6:40 five minute contractions

7:20 met the night shift Midwife Robin. We introduced the outgoing midwife to Guardians of the Galaxy.

8:40 at about 3 minutes or so between contractions… we decided Guardians of the Galaxy we really enjoyable. Nothing much new other than I’ve been racking my brain to come up with some Batman tie in for Robin

9:28 the bed broke, they’re going to have to replace it after it started hissing. The IV drip Started screaming. The paper trail jammed. I think this baby may be anti tech

10:40 no news…

12:09am six hours, no real change. Gus gus seems fine. Probably going to try and grab a nap.

1:41 epidural installed

8:31am twenty four hours after we initially checked in, 14 or so hours of a drip, no baby yet. Table for delivery set up.

I evidently slept a bit while Kim feasted on a popsicle

11:33 they scanned as they thought she might be turned wrong. Nope. Just up high.

12:43 water broke, something in front of head, meconium, o2

1:09 something turned out to be something with the catheter. Small scare for a bit.

225 go time basically. They did a test push thirty minutes ago. Midwife called.

3:58 baby here update later lot of stuff happened. All good

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.