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Getting ready for baby #2

Sunglass COLLAGEBaby Gus Gus is incoming, and besides dealing with check fraud, five blown out air conditioners during a heat wave, trying to get work into some semblance of survivability, baby showers, doctor’s visits, baby doctor’s visits, we’re attempting to get everything set up properly this time for baby #2.

Things weren’t bad for Maggie, but there was a lot of scrambling and quite frankly terror that we were going to do something wrong. There were major problems with breastfeeding, wherein I learned that there exist a certain type of troll on the internet whose only goal is to tell women “oh it’s simple just do this… and that… and that… oh your tits are falling off and baby’s a vampire basically? keep going.”

This baby round I have a whole bunch of FU internets stored up, and also know that with everything as it stands we at least got one of ’em to two and a half without much more than a couple of bumps and a scrape or two. Seriously, I think we’ve used two bandaids.

Maggie doesn’t quite understand what a sister is yet. When asked where her sister is she points to her belly because she’s seen ITmama point toward hers. It’s adorable, but we’ve got roughly a month to teach a barely-verbal toddler that there’s going to be a screaming sack of annoying getting in the way of Maggie time.

We’re going to keep Maggie in daycare during Kim’s sixish weeks off. Hopefully this will keep some semblance of normalcy in her life, and I’ll try and devote the times Maggie would generally be just with us just to her. I’m sure Gus Gus will own the night.

Maggie’s in a tall and skinny mode right now. She just shot up after being a little pudgy and now although the right proportions seems a little skinny. The appetite on this one however is absurd, so betting we’re going to fluff her out some shortly.

It’s fairly odd. When Maggie was at Gus Gus’s current stage I felt like there was some sort of psychic connection. Gus Gus, not so much. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel about the little bugger when she pops out.

Time #2 we’re much more laid back. I’m going to make a run over to the hospital to make sure nothing’s changed in a couple of years, and this time there’s also the fact that we’re going to have to have Maggie taken care of at some random time, which is an email I need to finish giving everyone everyone else’s numbers and how to easily put the baby to bed.

Due to Maggie, I most likely won’t be with mama and newborn the entire time. There’ll probably be a swap out so I can put Maggie to bed, or get her up and off to school. Maintain as much standard operations as can be.

Gus Gus is also getting a little music each night via the Bellybuds. All we know for sure is that she pays attention. That we couldn’t even get Maggie to do for a few days after she was born.

There’ll probably be more swaddling this time – I felt guilty last time, but now I know they pretty much dig it in limited doses to calm down and chill out. There’ll hopefully be less fumbling to figure out what the hell newborn is upset about now that I know they don’t even know what they’re upset about.

It’s going to be a trip. Especially with a toddler going through the tyrannical twos.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.