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Tiggly Words now available

Tiggly WordsTiggly is a learning toy company that produces amazing toys that allow your child to interact with learning software on an iPad. They’ve just released a new product into the Tiggly product line called Tiggly Words.

While Maggie is still a little bit too young for this product (she’s just now really into the Tiggly Shapes age range,) it’s something that will be rotated into her iPad time soon enough.

Tiggly Words

Tiggly products are the perfect size for little hands, and the software is updated regularly with new items added on a regular basis.

Tiggly Words is a product I can’t really review yet as Maggie’s a good two years too little for the product, but I’ll be doing a pre-review on it sometime shortly with what all you can accomplish with it, and a real review once Maggie starts going at it.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a good learning toy for a 4-8 year old, you probably can’t go wrong with Tiggly Words.

Tiggly Words

You can download plenty of their apps for free to play with on a trial basis in the App Store to get an idea of what you’ll get when you buy the physical extension of the toys.

In the meantime, you can see more of Tiggly Words at their website, and if you’ve got any questions on the physical products feel free to drop us a note in the comments sections and I’ll answer what I can with my Words and software.

Tiggly Words can be found on their website, or purchased for $29.95 from Amazon

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