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Pool party and a new room

After getting one hour of sleep last night, which was roughly 7am-8am this morning, I got up and faced the very real prospect that there was a baby pool party scheduled at my house, and I was also still very much groggy from a pill that didn’t kick in for five hours after I took it.

Highlights of the pre-setup were my attempts to inflate a baby pool by blowing air into the drain hole, losing a 20 pound charging battery, and wandering around Sam’s Club like a zombie.

Maggie's Pool Party

When the baby assault started I was unprepared for the sheer onslaught of babies that were to be at my house. Babies of all sizes, shapes, and temperament showed up to partake of our watermelon and juice boxes, most ended up swimming later.

Most was good, although Maggie had a meltdown because we wouldn’t let her have a hose that had the side effect of terrifying another toddler. Thus ended Maggie’s involvement and got her confined to baby jail for the remainder of most of the party.

Which was ok, because she calmed down and was not in such a freaking foul mood. While it seemed like a pretty crappy end to an otherwise enjoyable party, I don’t think it had much of an impact on anyone else, or even Maggie after she took a nap.

After that we went to see some fireworks, and discovered that we were about 25 hours early so ended up playing at a nearby park.

Maggie running an ice cream stand

We didn’t have any plans on attempting to get Maggie to sleep in her big girl bed, which is in a different room than she’s slept in her entire life, but every night she’s been going in there and we play like she’s going to sleep in her big girl bed.

Usually we let her play for a half hour or so and she decides she doesn’t want to be in there or wants to go explore the world. Tonight was different.

She told us she wanted to go night night, jumped in that bed, we picked her up and slapped on some jammies even though she protested as, I don’t know, jammies man. Jammies.

We grabbed some of her sleeping accoutrements and she walked back in with two dollies and a glow worm in hands, asked me to place her in the baby bed (she can get in and out, but she was really tired and holding two items) and she said night night and waved to dismiss me.

Maggie in her big girl bed

Kim stayed in with her for a bit as she had been requested, and after a while she left as Maggie was just doing her night night thing. After a fairly long time Maggie finally went to sleep on her own in her new room. My guess is she passed out about an hour and a half past the latest we consider her bedtime.

As we don’t have everything completely childproofed in the house, we set up some barricades that will restrict her to her new room, the hallway, and her old room.

Now I’ll probably spend another sleepless night checking the webcam to make sure she’s ok, and make sure everything’s right with it as we haven’t stress tested the camera in her new room in its current configuration.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.