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mBot unboxing video

mBot kickstartermBot is an educational tool that teaches children programming skills, Arduino, and robotics.

If you spaced when you heard any of those three things, the old person explanation is it will teach your children valuable skills needed by the workforce of tomorrow.

It recently was on Kickstarter under the tagline “one robot per kid,” seeking to raise $20,000 to get production up and running. As of this writing it was fully funded ten times over. We’ll be doing some reviews on what this learning tool is really capable of later, but as I forgot to bring 4 AA batteries with me, that day is not today.

If you want to peruse the instruction manual to see if it’s for your or your child, here you go.

You can see what’s in the box with the mBot unboxing video below.


The idea behind mBot is to provide a $49 starter robot for all, although at the moment it appears they’re about twice that on Amazon. It also appears after you get the base unit you can make it progressively more interesting with different ad-ons.

I’ve been informed the best link to get this currently is this one.

You can also see an assembly video I shot in 4K over here.

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