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A follow up

When life gives you lemons, have a lemon partyMaggie spent the day in a different class, supposedly the day was fine and she came home and was fine for about 20 minutes and then went into a tantrum that must have lasted on and off for an hour and a half.

I’ll sidenote here that nobody has any clue what happened and the teachers involved say she never has the shoulder straps on anyway.

There were tears of frustration and much sobbing from her, she got so frustrated she started kicking and being a total jerk. She timed out herself at one point and kept crying, I eventually went and picked her up and held her and sang until she calmed down. I put her in her bed about 7:50 or so but she started freaking out when I left the room.

I attempted to let her cry out some of her anger and baby rage, but that wasn’t happening so after a bit I went and got her and made her sit with me while we watched Elmo music.

Things calmed down later in the night, I think we finally got her to sleep around nine. This is a critter that generally goes to bed about 7:30.

The bruises were brown and a little yellowish but didn’t seem to be worse.

She got up this morning and seemed in a great mood. As far as I can tell she was until she didn’t get her way and was removed from the bath tub. Started to go downhill there, dressing was a fight, and when I went to my car to take a thing we have to take in for school the tears started flowing.

I told her she was coming in a second and not to worry and she said no. I got back, held her, and we went back to the car where she didn’t really want to go but wasn’t fighting or crying. I didn’t emphasise we were going to school today as yesterday that set her off into crying, but she seemed kind of meh about the whole thing.

We got to school really late. I had to track down where her new class had gotten off to and we joined up with them. There was some sadness to hand her over on both sides, but she didn’t seem to have fear or dislike of the person I gave her to so she wasn’t particularly miserable when I left which was good.

I had to run and grab her some replacement clothes as it’s splash day in the new class, I hadn’t been informed of this, which is ok as the move was unexpected. I got back with the clothes and saw Maggie in the room sitting transfixed by something. Kind of spaced out. She didn’t see me, but she didn’t seem miserable.

I ducked around the corner a bit and waited until one of the teachers saw me to hand over the clothing. I didn’t want to set Maggie off that I was there and not picking her up.

The bruises were much smaller today. Whatever event caused them evidently wasn’t particularly bad, just enough to hurt her and scare her for two days.

Hoping today and this weekend will help her forget and that someone figures out what the hell happened.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.