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A few days later, and swim lessons

Maggie Carboloading
Due to a lack of healthy options in my daddybag and 20 minutes to kill we spun by Wendy’s to carbo load.

It’s been a week now since whatever happened to Maggie at daycare happened. A week of Maggie being exceptionally huggy and also exceptionally angry and grumpy.

Everything’s a fight. I know that the terrible twos this is standard behavior for, but this is a bit fightier if that makes sense.

She’s been back to the new class I guess four times now. It’s a little bit psychotic when I come in with a bunch of kids rushing up and saying hi to her and me. It’s a different group and she’s still adjusting to it.

I don’t think there’s been more than one time where I have been able to sign her in or out due to the chaos that reigns when I enter sight of the kiddos, but I know it’s not a madhouse all the time as they’ve got windows and I can sneak up to look. I know Maggie’s sitting taking it all in or fascinated by things when I get there.

Nobody has any clue. They thought she might have been struggling to get out of the kiddie cart, but this is a baby who knows how to remove straps. Every day I ask her how things are before we go now.

On another note, we started a swim class. Today will be her second. The first was fine with one minor incident in which she decided to jump on three even though we hadn’t started counting yet and I was looking/listening to the instructor to the left.

What I think I’ve decided is that there needs to be an intermediate pool. We’ve got the 8″ kiddie pools and then the 3′ public pools. We need something like a 2′ deep pool where she can walk around a bit and not go straight down.

It’d also be great because after an hour of wrangling swimming baby I got flippin tired.

She doesn’t seem in the least bit tentative around water, although she does have some problems jumping into it. She can’t seem to coordinate the walking forward with a jump. Maybe we’ll work on that before we hit the water today – jumping over a string or something that can’t trip her.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.