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She saw bubbles in the air

Dust Motes dancing in the sunlight from WiKiMedia commonsGot Maggie up this morning as I was trying to get a pretty running start to a day that was already 3/4ths scheduled. She had cooperated extremely well and while a bit huggy was not clingy, nor it seemed in a foul temper.

I looked at her and noticed she’s once again a different looking baby from a few months ago. It sort of amazes me how much her face and actions are changing. She contemplates things, amuses herself, and can communicate basic needs pretty well.

Standing in the living room with the light pouring in through the windows and me and her mother standing there tag teaming to get her ready she pointed at the ceiling and screamed “bubbles!”.

Usually this means “please get the bubbles you have hidden down and blow some for me.” Usually she’s pointing where there might be a hidden bubble wand. Today she was pointing at a blank area of the ceiling.

ITMama asked “where do you see bubbles?” and we both were looking for anything shaped vaguely like a bubble or a bubble wand. It was a mystery until Maggie said “bubbles” again a pointed in different directions.

I saw the sun beaming through the window and dust motes floating in the air, and Maggie was fascinated by these “bubbles” and it was one of the odder more memorable moments I can think of lately.

I didn’t even think to grab my camera and try and get it as the experience couldn’t be captured by a 4MP phone camera that was going to take a good 30 seconds to get from unlock to camera. That was just going to ruin it. So I’ll remember it, probably incorrectly, Maggie in her blue shoes, dual pony tails (although that might have come later,) pink coat as it’s still 50 in the morning, and cheap-ass Oriental Trading Company leighs, pointing at dust motes and having as much joy as when she’s in a bubble storm.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.