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Buckle Toys Bucky Turtle review

Bucky TurtleBucky Turtle is a plush toy that’s designed for toddlers who are fascinated with buckling and unbuckling various straps.

When my daughter started paying more attention to buckling and unbuckling her swing seat belt and asking to help whenever she was strapped in I realized she needed something like this. At 25 months I expected her to play a little with it and get some of the buckling frenzy out of her system.

I didn’t expect that she was going to play with it for an hour and 41 minutes the first day like a little buckling savant. I actually started getting a little worried the first time she had Bucky Turtle as it seemed that some sort of baby OCD was going to present itself that was going to require separation from the plush, but luckily she put it down and has spent reasonable amounts of time with it since the marathon session.

Bucky has three styles of buckle, with the majority (four of them?) being a simpler style like the swingset buckles that she can handle without too much frustration, and two types even I haven’t run across in babydom yet. It also has a zipper pouch and a couple of random crevices that the first time I saw all I could think was you can put your weed in there.

Maggie and Bucky

When the item showed up it was much smaller than I expected. The buckles are more properly sized for little hands, which makes it a little bit more difficult to open them for an adult, but nothing particularly difficult.

Maggie quite digs this, although she still doesn’t have the ability to unbuckle any of them by herself as far as I can tell, except perhaps the blue one which I think I’ve seen unbuckled by Maggie once.

other buckle toys
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I feel it’s a bit overpriced for how small it is, but it does seem to fill a niche of toys I haven’t seen in stores. It feels a bit like it’s the first step in training for Rubix Cube mastery or mastery of any fine motor skill. It also is the first thing that I’ve seen her sit and work on with a passion for so long, so I guess in that respect it’s been worth it.

Bucky Turtle, by Bucky Toys is available from Amazon for $23.99. There are plenty of other Buckle Toys options if you’re not a turtle fan and you can click the picture of Shredder below to see them.


4 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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