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Top 5 Toddler Counting Books

We own several counting books, but these are the top 5 toddler counting books in our household at the moment. My 18-month-old son tends to most enjoy counting books integrated into rhyming narratives and interactive/textured counting books.

raindrop plop 1. Raindrop, Plop!

This is a beautifully illustrated narrative about little girl and her dog enjoying a rainy day. The story counts from one to ten as she plays in the rain, and from ten back down to one as she comes back inside to get dry and warm.

In addition to learning to count, there are plenty of opportunities to identify animals, items of clothing, and household objects.

The hardcover edition of Raindrop, Plop! is available on Amazon for $12.58.

ten apples

2. Ten Apples Up On Top!

This is fun-to-read Dr. Seuss rhyming story about a lion, a dog, and a tiger competing to balance the most apples on their heads.

The animal illustrations are by Roy McKie and are simple but friendly and expressive.

The board book edition of Ten Apples Up On Top! is available on Amazon for $4.49.

touch think learn numbers3. Touch Think Learn: Numbers

This is a unique three-dimensional book with notched out numbers on each page that allow your toddler to trace and explore the number’s shape.

The numbers on each page are accompanied on the neighboring page by thick, raised dots that correspond to the number.

The raised dots are incorporated into depictions of common objects (e.g. two dots are incorporated into a depiction of a car to represent two wheels).

Touch Think Learn: Numbers is available on Amazon for $13.49.

HungryCaterpillar4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have many Eric Carle books, but this one is by far my son’s favorite.

Count from one to five as the very hungry caterpillar eats through a variety of fruits, and then all the way up to ten as he enjoys a picnic feast.

The board book edition of this book has little holes in the food representing the areas where the caterpillar has “nibbled” and are the perfect size for little fingers to explore.

Along with learning to count, this book can be used to introduce days of the week, colors, food groups, and the concept of metamorphosis.

The board book edition of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is available for $2.92 on Amazon.

poke a dot5. Poke-A-Dot! Old MacDonald’s Farm

This book transforms the classic Old MacDonald nursery rhyme into an interactive counting book.

Each page depicts a specified number of animals paired with raised dots that pop when pressed.

The song is paired with a prompt to count the number of animals. Your toddler will be rewarded with a satisfying popping sound for each animal (s)he counts.

Because of the way the book is designed, it only counts in one direction from ten down to one. This is also a relatively large and heavy book, which is something to keep in mind.

Poke-A-Dot! Old MacDonald’s Farm is available on Amazon for $13.49.

Liz King

Liz King is a former biomedical research scientist that now blogs from home when she is not chasing her ever adventurous toddler. She lives in the Greater Philadelphia area with her husband and son.