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Snuza Hero introduction

Snuza HeroWhile I can’t do a proper full-on review for a couple of months until the new baby arrives, I thought I’d write up an introduction to the Snuza Hero, which hopefully will be replacing our Angelcare Baby Movement monitor.

While the Angelcare monitor we used for Maggie is a fixed bed monitor, the Snuza Hero allows you to clip it onto a diaper and let your infant sleep wherever they’re comfortable. It should be noted that since it’s a motion activated monitor, co-sleeping and using it while baby is in motion completely defeat the usability of it.

With Maggie sometimes she was comfortable sleeping on the couch, sometimes on her little baby play mat, sometimes on my belly (although the Hero would not be useful in that situation).

The Snuza Hero works by clipping onto a diaper and monitoring the movement caused by the baby’s breathing. In the event that baby stops breathing, breath is too shallow, or starts breathing less than four times a minute the Hero will vibrate gently to poke the baby and attempt to stir it out of a sleep apnea or breath holding situation.

If this not breathing for 15 seconds event keeps up (happens three times in a use,) the Hero will sound a little alarm to let you know what’s going on, if it happens again the full on alarm will sound to let you know something is afoot / rush to see what’s up.

As we don’t have the infant at the moment to clip it on, we’ll do a full on review when we start using it. I thought we were going to have a friend’s baby to use this on when I requested in, but that didn’t happen.

One of the reasons we really were interested in reviewing this product was the ability to clip it on to the baby and not relying on the bed and positioning of a sensor. With Maggie in her bed, she managed to on average once a night scoot into a position where we’d get an alarm from the Angelcare, and it was next to useless in the bassinet we had. It would go off and wake everyone on a regular basis.

The Angelcare did, however, somewhat alleviate fears of SIDS or choking in her sleep. until that one time when the battery disconnected.

While these issues probably are more indicative of her bed and bassinette being the issue, or my placement, it’s something that we’re going to run into again with Baby 2.0 so the Hero, hopefully, will be my hero.

So anyhow, there’s not a terribly lot I can say about this for another few months or until a test baby appears other than that it looks and feels a bit like a quality product, and that as stated, this is not a review.

The Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor is available at Amazon for $99.99.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.