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Sesame Street Playskool Potty Time Elmo review

Sesame Street Playskool Potty Time Elmo Plush ToyThe Potty Time Elmo showed up around Maggie’s birthday. It worked twice correctly as I understand it, and after that Elmo could never sense that he was on the potty so every time becomes an accident.

It seems that I’m not alone as there’re multiple one and two star reviews with the same problem.

This appears to be a case where there’s a massively disproportionate experience in Potty Time Elmo reviews… it either works, or it doesn’t. Most likely a very bad quality control issue.

So let’s make the assumption this works. You activate Potty Time Elmo by pressing a switch in his mouth, you get a burp, and a second or two later Elmo asks to go to the potty.

You have maybe four seconds to pull Elmo’s pants down and get him on the potty before you get the failed potty song.

While the short timeframe might be what a toddler would give you in a notification timeframe, it’s not particularly good for developing minds. There’s also really nothing from the “can you help me go to the potty” to the “Elmo didn’t make it to the potty” song. No mentions that he’s about to lose it, nada.

Elmo also doesn’t sit on the potty. He had to be held into place as his legs keep straightening out.

The toy is cute in concept, but riddled by QC issues (basing this on my experience and the Amazon reviews,) and a bit of a lack of thought in design. My toddler can’t help Elmo, adults can’t get Elmo to the potty on time, and new batteries don’t do squat.

That said, if it works for you it would be a lot better 😉

QC is evidently bad, I got one of the lucky ones, and even if it worked it’s got some timing issues.

The Sesame Street Playskool Potty Time Elmo is available from Amazon for $22.95

1.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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