Topicker Boy’s Blue Prince Castle Play Tent Review

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The tent is exceptionally cute in my son’s outer space themed bedroom, and it gives the room a whimsical quality. He enjoys reading in it, storing stuffed animals in it, hiding various household objects he’s “borrowed” in it, and laying down and looking up through the translucent tent roof.

Slight separation of seam at the tent roof juncture.

I have disassembled this tent once because my toddler was enjoying it so much that he was literally bouncing off the tent walls and becoming a danger to himself. Due either to his rough use or my rough reassembly a week later, there are two places where the seam has separated a bit but it’s nothing that makes me feel cheated, and the tent is still in great shape.

The footprint is a bit large (53″ in height and 41″ in diameter) for my son’s small bedroom, and it’s not the easiest to assemble and disassemble on a regular basis. If you have the space, this is an awesome permanent fixture for a playroom or bedroom.

Topicker Boy’s Blue Prince Castle Play Tent is available from Amazon for $19.98.

4 / 5 stars     

Liz King

Liz King is a former biomedical research scientist that now blogs from home when she is not chasing her ever adventurous toddler. She lives in the Greater Philadelphia area with her husband and son.