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American Plastic Toys My First Climber Review

my first climberAmerican Plastic Toys My First Climber is one of the most competitively priced climbers available. This climber consists of a small climbing wall, a platform, and a slide. Considering the price, I expected that it would not be the same quality as more expensive climbers, but I did find it to be a decent climber. I did need a few materials (namely sand and sandpaper) to improve its safety and functionality.

This is a “cheap” climber, so the plastic is less dense than that found with other plastic climbers. Secondly, the plastic pieces arrive still “in frame” and need to be cut out of the plastic frame with scissors prior to assembly. Removing the pieces from the plastic frame leaves sharp burrs, so I used some sandpaper I had lying around the house to smooth the plastic in these areas.

Assembly itself was very quick and easy with a power drill. I did make the decision to add sand to the hollow legs of the climber to improve stability. This climber has a relatively small footprint, so it is well suited for an indoor space. From my cursory measurements, it is about 28.25” in height, 45” in length, and 26.75” at its widest point. The inner width of the slide itself is about 8.5” and the outer width is 12”.

Erik on the American Plastic Toys My First ClimberOnce assembled, this slide is a total hit with my son and his playmates. It has provided hours of entertainment in our playroom this winter, and we will likely move it outside when the weather improves. At 17 months, 28 lbs and 32.5” tall, this climber is a good size for my son. I will say that there is not too much room to grow, but he will probably get another year out of it. The climbing wall does present a challenge to him, and he is still figuring out where to correctly place his feet to reach the top. He much prefers to climb to the top by way of the slide then slide back down on his tummy. He also enjoys sitting at the top of the climber and rolling his cars down the slide.

All in all this climber was worth the investment, but considering its relatively small size, it may have been worth the extra investment for a larger and sturdier climber. Its definitely better suited for indoor spaces and younger toddlers. My First Climber is available for $39.99 on Amazon.

3.5 / 5 stars     

Liz King

Liz King is a former biomedical research scientist that now blogs from home when she is not chasing her ever adventurous toddler. She lives in the Greater Philadelphia area with her husband and son.