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10 geeky Star Wars Mr. Potato Head toys

Some geeky Star Wars Mr Potato Head toys I’ve found in random order of coolness. Click any of them to purchase on Amazon, or go there yourself and look up the product if you don’t want us getting that mad Amazon commission.

Darth TaterDarth Tater


Luke Frywalker

Luke Frywalker





Yoda (Mashter Yoda)


Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper

Princess Leia

Princess Leia

Spudda Fett

Boba Fett





Yam Solo

Han Solo

Darth Mash

Darth Mash

Actually in the full sized Mr Potato head run that’s all I managed to locate, although that may be saying more about my currently sick searching skills than that there are only ten full sized Spud Wars taters. Should be noted that is what Google Shopping tends to think as well.

There also appear to be two variations on Yoda and the Stormtrooper’s images. Not having the products in front of me I can’t tell if these are accessory changes or what, but if you’re considering purchasing one of them do a search as there seem to be either different weapons (in the case of the stormtrooper,) or different face molds or photography (for Yoda).


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